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The yoga studio that started it all back in 2001. There is a magic that beams from the center of CPY.  New students feel the warmth of pure luv and acceptance headed their way once they enter the threshold.  We can be this welcoming to students because we know that with regular practice you will develop a strength and vigor that goes beyond devotion to vanity and into the heart of true stress free living.  Knowing this about you makes us joyful.


Our studio does not have AC.  But, we also don't waste the worlds resources pushing a bunch of hot air on you.  We help you discover the deep art of yoga, the grand aspects of yourself and help you connect to a better way of living.  Our studio operates like a real yoga studio, we follow business ethics and our students work on practicing living ethics as well.   We offer classes at times that are best conducive to yoga practice benefiting the mind and body.  Come to the class time that suits you and leave the worries  outside.  Merge inside to a space that is is truly like no other.  We can only say that, because, that is what a Real CPY student will tell you about our studio.  And, everyone here, even your teachers, had start somewhere as new bee. Not knowing one thing about movement or how to do this work of high quality living. If you are going to start somewhere, you should start with the studio that has highly experienced instructors who will respect you and care for you.  Then, there will be no confusion, and you will understand why there is LUV for CPY!  LUV, CPY




Address: 3029 Edgewater Dr.

Orlando, FL 32804

Phone: 407.999.7871


Find lasting peace at the little studio located in the sweet burg of College Park.


For Yoga Therapy Sessions

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