our studio is a beautiful space to practice and is very welcoming to beginners. 



Water is Liquid Gold. 5 tips to help you beat the heat of summer!

By Lokah Luv
May 08, 2017
Category: Yoga

Summer is heating up.  Orlando has no more trees, so this place is like desert.  It is soooooo hot.  Many of you are coming to yoga class very prepared, and we applaud you for that!  But for those of you new to yoga and new to CPY, here are a few tips to help you get through your classes at CPY with comfort, refreshment and vitality!  

1.  Drink water.  If you say, I do!  Okay then, if you are stressed,  drink coffee, or energy beverages or have any refined salt in your diet, drink plenty more of it.  Drink it right when you wake up, drink again before lunch, and again after work, and again 45 minutes before your yoga practice.  and drink it again 30 minutes after! If you experience thirst, you are already dehydrated and catching up takes TIME!  

2.  Dress comfy, in lightweight, breathable garments.  We sell a lot of great light clothes for summer yoga, and it is a lot safer to wear than the compression gear that is so popular. 

3.  Eat light and fresh, fresh and light.  Coconut water, watermelon, cantaloupes, and melons of all sorts are excellent sources of refreshment and help replenish electrolytes. 

4.  Get plenty of rest!  Many yoga masters say that one doesn't truly experience rest until they experience Savasana.  So get your yoga practices in to feel truly rested!  

5.  Hot weather increases your agitation levels.  Stay calm, breathe deep  and keep practicing yoga!  

Yoga practice regulates your body's ability to handle heat and cold.  Join us this summer for any of our classes, come hydrated and if your not hydrated then plan to rest, ALOT! 



Meet the directors of the 17 time award winning yoga studio in Orlando, FL

By Lokah Luv
April 24, 2017
Category: Videos
Beginner-beginners love CPY. Enjoy the naturally good-natured spirit of Theresa & Calvin. The directors, hearts, and souls behind the 17 time Best of Orlando & Best of The Florida region yoga studio, share with you what makes CPY such an awesome place to learn, develop and continue yoga practice!


Tags: Yoga Best of Orlando Meet the directors of CPY

Fads Fade. Love Lasts.

By Lokah Luv
April 23, 2017
Category: Yoga

College Park Yoga (CPY) offers many things that others cannot.  We offer a space that is welcoming, clean, spacious, and comfortable.  We offer a practice that is safe, effective and life-changing.  We don't showcase the hottest fads in the industry because fads create false pride and eventually they fade  - so you won't ever find fads here.  

CPY has substance, a tangible feeling of goodwill that many students experience here.   These experiences are difficult for many to explain in words.  But,  even if you can't put your finger on it, the experience is remarkable. We are grateful to hold this unique space for people to experience such goodness!   What happens here is A LOT more than just a simple workout, there is something good that radiates here!  Something that cannot simply be put into a few words. 

Students often compare the CPY experience to the characteristics of Fine Wine. 

CPY keeps getting better and better  - especially with age (16 years old now!).   There is a distinctive characteristic here that can only be tasted through a discriminating palette.  There are cheaper varieties on the market, but once CPY has been tasted and the characteristics noted, it is worth saving time and energy for the superior taste!

Join us at CPY for a real yoga experience.  A love that lasts and that will go beyond all your expectations and will be everything you didn't know you were looking for. 

Tags: Yoga class beginners yoga learn about CPY

Walking on hot coals is easier than...

By Lokah Luv
April 18, 2017
Category: Yoga

At College Park Yoga (CPY) our studio is open to all who desire to experience something good.  Good can be as simple as calmness, strength and openness.  These attributes are both mental and physical ones.  Our yoga classes allow students to experience the power of the fundamental practices such as dedication and simplicity.  To experience the calming meditative space of yoga practice, mantras and chakras are unnecessary.  One of the most difficult things to understand about yoga, spirituality, and meditation is that we are all attracted to different aspects of spirituality and meditation.  The tendency of many people is to dabble in the study of chakras and mantras thinking this will deepen their spirituality and they think to experience meditation, one must be seated for hours.  But, our yoga system teaches, anything that develops mental peace is an excellent source of focus to calm the mind.  We use the focus of the breath and mindful movement to effectively move one towards inner peace.

Some of you may recall, that many years ago we titled our yoga classes - power yoga.  But these words now are conflicted with a style of yoga that is overly physical and the mind space of calmness is left behind in the dust in favor of fast moment and an uncontrolled mind.  So, we use the term Vinyasa to describe our classes best.  Vinyasa means "to set or place mindfully".  And, at CPY that is exactly what we do every single class.  Every class at CPY has focus on developing a meditation practice that includes movement and mental peace.  The postures of yoga should be practiced with a jovial mindset, steadiness and peacefulness.   There is no force or push in our yoga practice, because the simple practices themselves are already challenging enough.

The ancient sages of yoga equate reaching a meditative state is more difficult than taming a wild animal or walking on hot coals.  These are far easier tasks than taming the constantly wandering mind.  So, no, the work of yoga is not easy.  But, wow, is it rewarding.

For many current day students, we cannot run to the woods for peace like the ancient sages of yoga.  We are living in a concrete jungle.  So, we have to take whatever little peace we can get.  For many of us, the peace achieved in 90 minutes at College Park Yoga relieves an entire week of suffering.  So, whether you are thinking about starting a yoga practice or you already have one in place, make sure you take time out to experience CPY's unique yoga practice and enjoy the amazing benefits of dedication and simplicity!


LUV, Lokah

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Is yoga a religion? According to Siri, it's not!

By Lokah Luv
April 18, 2017
Category: Videos

Confusion exists over the yoga practice.  The practice of yoga is not a religion.  However,  there are many people that practice it religiously!  

Tags: Fourth Friday workshops religion & yoga

Sit back. Relax. Mazzie Star is on.

By Lokah Luv
April 18, 2017
Category: Videos

Enjoy taking a drive through old Florida, with T&C. Luv you, Luv Lokah


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Learn how to Eat Healthy with BURN 33 Days of Raw, ebook.

By Lokah Luv
April 18, 2017
Category: Videos

Tags: Healthy vegan cuisine plant based recipes

College Park Yoga is Located in Orlando, Florida. 32804

By Lokah Luv
April 18, 2017
Category: Videos

Tags: College Park yoga Video beginners

The good stuff

By Lokah Luv
March 01, 2017
Category: Videos

You gotta get through the hard stuff to get to the good stuff. 

Luv you, Luv, Lokah

Tags: College park Yoga Orlando Yoga a beginner yoga studio beginner yoga class

Believe in the power of step by step.

By Lokah Luv
February 16, 2017
Category: Yoga

There is trendy yoga using trendy ideas that are not the real definitions of the practice. Simply,  they are an accepted and obscured concept of practice. 

There are trendy classes, then there is College Park Yoga.

Learn the practice of Vinyasa in the way it was meant to be.  Discover an everlasting peace, one that lasts, day after day, breath after breath.  You can only DO a yoga pose, but,  to experience yoga, you need to learn to utilize the tools that will create the space of Yoga.

Step by Step Workshops every spring!


Tags: yoga beginner beginner classes learn more about CPY

Yoga IS meditation.

By Lokah Luv
October 23, 2016
Category: Yoga

Facebook is enlightening at times.  I discovered on social media feeds and groups that yoga teachers are constantly misinforming each other and their students about yoga and meditation.  I see feeds that write about how meditation and yoga are two separate things and how yoga has "nothing" to do with meditation.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

The ultimate goal of yoga is to reach the state of meditation.  Yoga is a discipline of focus and concentration creating the space of blissful meditation.  You reach this state though daily work, not by stating to your friends "i meditate" (lower case i intended).   Practicing inner work on yourself, your reactions, your desires, to how you fuel the body, to the good state of mind you have brings you closer to the goal of yoga.  

The classical 8 limbed path (Ashtanga) of yoga is the system we practice.  This is a non-dualistic and non-religious practice of yoga.  In this practice we have aspects of our self to discipline and align in order to achieve the state of meditation and peace.  In Ashtanga yoga, peace isn't something handed to us on a silver platter or given to us through a state of sleep and fantasy.  It is through daily work and discipline we gain the state of peace.   

Tags: beginner yoga class yoga is meditation meditation yoga classes learn more about CPY

Doors of opportunity.

By Lokah Luv
September 29, 2016
Category: Business of Yoga

Doors of Opportunity.

There are 2 kinds of people in the world...

There are those who wait for doors of luck, goodwill, fortune, happiness and opportunity to open on their own.

And there are those who cut the hole in the concrete, build their own door and open it themselves.  

Build your own door with whatever materials you have on hand,  instead of waiting for someone else to pave the way... that way your joy isn't fleeting and based on someones else's unsteady happiness.  If you create it yourself, when you fall, you already see the opening for the next door.  There is no such thing as failure when you are your own builder of peace, love and happiness. 

Practice on. 


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A variety of Bhoga's flavors

By Lokah Luv
September 15, 2016
Category: Yoga

Recently we received a magazine about yoga.  It was filled with many glamorous ads of yoga festivals and yoga conferences sponsored by the magazine.  These ads showcased 100's of teachers and styles of yoga which creates the idea that yoga is about variety.  Why only learn from one teacher, when you can learn from a hundred different teachers in one weekend at our magazine's yoga conference!  People are being conned by these popular magazine ads into thinking they need a variety of teachers and should have multiple styles of yoga under their belt.  This mindset has created a wave of students who only seek variety and pleasure.  This mindset is not part of the discipline of yoga.

The need to feel pleasure in yoga class is called Bhoga.  Bhoga is living for the sensation of pleasure.  Yoga is the practice of joyful discipline.  In yoga there is order and focus.  Yoga is a unique practice.  It is one that doesn't require a variety of ideas or opinions.  In fact, you don't even need to know a variety of postures (asanas) in order to practice yoga. 

Many yoga classes are not truly yoga-asana and are actually Bhoga-asana, because they eliminate a very important aspect of yoga practice: constant discipline (tapas).  Tapas is challenging and requires dedication and strength.

Bhogis always believe there is something better than what they have.  A better teacher or a better path to learn and boghis tend to bounce from teacher to teacher never really gaining a firm foundation.  The joy for a bhoga student comes solely from pleasure and when faced with challenge, they vanish looking for "variety".  Students of yoga can stick with a teacher through thick and thin, because they understand that consistency is magical. Yoga students learn to work through challenge, knowing the the true joy of yoga is not elsewhere, but right where they are now.

Tags: yoga class meditation yoga learn more about CPY

Yoga, Kids, & College Park Yoga in Orlando

By Lokah Luv
July 18, 2016
Category: Yoga

What a parent imagines a child will do or accomplish is very different from what a child actually does. 

Sometimes kids surprise you with a new way of looking at something, or saying just the right thing at the right time without any parental prompting.  Sometimes they get grumpy with too much attention or correction.

At CPY, we love to work with kids, especially when parents let the child perform the postures in the way they feel their body should move.  We have been teaching Summer Camps for the last decade working with children from ages 3-17 in one class, usually in groups of 30-60.  So, we understand the multiple mood swings of children.   Their good days and bad days, their stubbornness, and their spontaneous joy!

 Most parents, when they bring their child to yoga class for the first time,  forget their child is a little scared and unsure of this new place.   Just because mom or dad are comfortable here, doesn't always mean the child will be too. It takes time, patience, and multiple sessions for a child to become comfortable and familiar with the surroundings of yoga class.

So, we work on making a child feel good about being a child.  Just as we let our adult students be who they are (tight, injured, weak, sore, burned out, stressed, happy, excited or anxious) we let children move through those same mental nuances just as adults do, one practice at a time.  Sometimes a parent will witness their child roll on the mat, stop, drink water, color, and lay down.  The parent embarrassed or worried the child is distracting will want to stop their child from doing those things.  We suggest not to make any adjustments.  Those children are listening to everything in class.  They are aware of everything around them.

One child was laying on his yoga mat enjoying being rolled up like a burrito almost the entire class (I personally sealed the burrito).  Every now and then I would walk by and smile, he gave me a thumbs up and smiled back.  I knew he was with me even though he did a sum of 4 postures in that hour session.

The mom of this child told me a story a few days later about him and the burrito yoga mat class.  A few days after the class took place, she was experiencing a stressful moment of life in front of him.  He asked her why didn't she stop to breathe like she does in yoga class.  The mom is stunned.  The yoga teacher is not surprised at all.

He learned about the breath through watching his mom during the class.  Just like most kids, a child will not believe that yoga calms their parent(s), if they witness stress pouring off the parent(s) to make the child perform poses.  But, if mom or dad is calm & breathing rhythmically during class with their child, one day your child will remind you of  the time in yoga class they saw you happy and peaceful.  They will remind you what you experienced in class and they will send you out of the house to go to back.  They may not come with you to class.  But, that doesn't that matter.  They learned a valuable lesson and are able to remind you just stop and breathe. 

Tags: kids yoga learn more about CPY Yoga


By Lokah Luv
June 25, 2016
Category: Yoga

Yoga, is not a hobby here at College Park Yoga®. 

Yoga is a systematic daily practice and a way of life.

Through kindness, perseverance, and strength, we create equality, tolerance and well-being. 

Help us, help you, create more #peaceinorlando. 

The #peaceinorlando, Workshop is on June 25 at 2-4pm. 

Your donation benefits in keeping Orlando Strong and will be donated to one of the many groups helping Orlando (our home) bounce back into it's vibrant and peaceful rhythm.


Tags: #peaceinorlando Meditation yoga classes

Leap of Faith

By Lokah Luv
May 14, 2016
Category: Yoga

Follow your heart.  The trick is knowing WHEN to follow it.

The best way to follow your heart is when it's initiated with any one of these following practices:

1.  Gentleness

2.  Stillness

3.  Self-control

4.  Non-harming

5.  Tranquility

6.  Kindness

7.  Free from envy or desires



Tags: yoga practice beginner yoga learn more about CPY

Nothing to Fear. Beginners should take yoga at CPY

By Lokah Luv
April 24, 2016
Category: Yoga

All of our classes at CPY are beginner friendly.  This is because 80% of the students you are practicing with started their yoga practice with us.  They worked and developed their practice one class at a time.  Our students are trained to be focused and calm while on the mat.  They aren't worried about showing a beginner up with outrageous posturing, because they know the true yoga practice lies in their mind and their ability to conquer it. 

Beginners feel welcomed in our classes at CPY, because the students and teachers here hold a calm space for learning.   At our studio we are all compassionate about the learning curve beginners undergo, because we all have been there and have not forgotten that life-changing curve. 

We also know the supreme benefits of yoga will serve you because we guide all our students through a practice of yoga and not through an opinion of yoga or because it's a tradition.  We study the depths of yoga and offer the experience of practice to you in a kind, light-hearted, and pleasant space.

Practice with us.  Practice at CPY.


Tags: beginner yoga yoga classes learn more about CPY

Mindful Business Practices: what makes CPY different.

By Lokah Luv
March 30, 2016
Category: Business of Yoga

People call our studio for business advice.

Because we don't function like a typical business.  We are grass roots and we don't treat our yoga studio like a fast food chain. We don't crowd the "competition",  nor do we lower our already low prices and tell our students they can have yoga their way. 

We only recently started an Instagram account, because we heard some of our students like to look at pretty pictures.  But, we have only posted one photo.

We prefer to use facebook to watch your kids grow up,  see you get married, and congratulate you on your new job.

Business consultants wouldn't  consider me to have a savvy business approach or consider me a good businesswoman, for that matter.  I don't even wear high heels (barefoot is my favorite style).

But, what I do have is something that is lost in today's chaotic and fast-paced business world.  LOVE. 

Love of what I do, love of where I am, love of who I am and what I can be for you. 


Tags: mindful business yoga studio operations how to market a yoga studio

Eat Hindbeh - The Recipe

By Lokah Luv
February 04, 2016
Category: BURN Recipes

Bask in the Sol (sun) of BURN.  SolFood is a part of BURN that is all-vegan, comfort foods of scrumptious pleasure.   Food born from the suns rays. 

Until the all new BURN - 33 Days of Raw is in your hands (soon!),  you should try this Lebanese dish.   A student taught us how to make it in while standing in a grocery store aisle.  We altered the recipe he shared with us.  We made a version for 2 and added some of our BURN favorites; Himalayan salt and white peppercorn.  Enjoy!

Hindbeh for 2


1 bunch of dandelion greens

1/2 bunch cilantro

1/2 lemon juiced

1/2 clove of garlic

1 whole onion

2 teaspoons of olive oil

1/2 teaspoon of white peppercorn

Pinch of Himalayan Salt

3 cups of water for boiling dandelion greens


1. Cut onions into half medallions.  

2. Chop dandelion greens into 3 inch pieces.

3. Mince garlic.

4. Keep stems of cilantro and chop into 2 inch pieces

5. Juice from 1/2 lemon


In a medium sized pot: boil the dandelion greens with 3 cups of water until soft. 

This takes about 10-15 minutes. 

In a pan or skillet:  pour olive oil and add most of the onions. 

Keep aside a few onion slices for later steps. 

Sauté the onions until dark brown and crispy.  

Place on a side plate and cover - for later use.

Pour water out of dandelion pot.  

Set aside boiled dandelions until next step is complete.

In a skillet: add garlic and remaining onions and toast until golden. 

Stir in cilantro. 

Then add dandelion greens to mixture.

Set to medium-low heat. 

Then move on to next step. 

Add to the mixture in skillet: lemon juice, salt and pepper.


Let simmer for about 3 minutes.

Then add in the crispy onions.

Let it all marry together for 1 minute.

Then serve.

We like ours over a small bowl of forbidden black rice. 

Cheers!  Enjoy this Lebanese treasure!



Tags: recipes vegan food healthy

Yoga. It's simply not debatable.

By Lokah Luv
November 08, 2015
Category: Yoga

Dharma is your personal path of yoga.  For instance, my dharma is to practice non violence, through yoga practice, food I choose to consume, and my actions towards people.  To practice living the truth of Ahimsa (non harming).  Love is my dharma.  This is my personal approach to yoga practice,  my teaching, my life, my career. 

I don't question my path, I follow it.  But, in the meantime, I also don't question others paths - which will inevitably be different than mine.  The real path of yoga, there is no debate, no fight, no clamoring for this is approach is right that approach is wrong.  The real yoga is pleasant & powerful,  this quality requires sound dedication to the personal path (dharma) of each student.

If there is a debate of yoga, then its not yoga that people are questioning - its their fears, insecurities and personal uncertainties they are skeptical of.  Students are not practicing their personal dharma when they argue about yoga or the teachings of yoga.  Yoga- the practice- the experience,  is not debatable, it is internal and blissful.  Anything a student allows to generate inside them that is not of goodwill, peaceful existence, or pleasant, they are simply not putting their personal yoga training into practice. 

I joke with our students if we only do the right side of the body in terms of asana movement, they will still walk out balanced, because we train students how to develop internal well being instead of focusing solely on posture work.  So, the earth can be titled on its side, and the student will maintain internal steadiness and pleasantness and they will have the space inside to experience yoga.

Instead of sitting around Starbucks or at a friends dining table debating yoga, sit with yourself, and see why you feel that your path is better or more righteous than someone else's path.  Regular sitting with this will help you understand that there is nothing to debate.  Yoga is subjective and inside each person, it lies in their heart, and what is poison to one is nectar to another.

Taste your nectar at College Park Yoga, Orlando.


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our studio is a beautiful space to practice and is very welcoming to beginners. 
This is the original power/ashtanga/vinyasa studio in orlando, florida. 
our studio is a beautiful space to practice and is very welcoming to beginners. 
This is the original power/ashtanga/vinyasa studio in orlando, florida. 
our studio is a beautiful space to practice and is very welcoming to beginners. 
This is the original power/ashtanga/vinyasa studio in orlando, florida. 
This is the original power/ashtanga/vinyasa studio in orlando, florida. 
This is the original power/ashtanga/vinyasa studio in orlando, florida. 
This is the original power/ashtanga/vinyasa studio in orlando, florida. 
This is the original power/ashtanga/vinyasa studio in orlando, florida.